BEST LISTs IPTV M3U FREE 2019 - And how they are run .

Hello my friends, I am sick of IPTV lists m3u. Here you'll find the menus you need and we'll update them every day for free without having to pay anything. Here we will provide you all information about m3u IPTV lists .

A comprehensive explanation of IPTV lists m3u :
Do you know what is IPTV? , And do you know IPTV lists? If you do not know it, do not be afraid. Here we will explain everything about this world. In this article we come to teach you and give you everything about the world of IPTV, my friend .

What is an iptv / m3u / json / m3u8 list 
IPTV or IPTV lists, say that IPTV or IPTV lists are just a lightweight file that brings together multiple media links directly into its content, also known as broadcast via an Internet connection. But can only be produced in some countries. There are currently two types of lists, namely the actual list and the other is the remote control

What is the iptv m3u ? 
First dear reader will explain to you what is IPTV, and what is M3U
IPTV: is the abbreviation for Internet by Television Protocol, which is an IPTV system whose role is to send a TV signal through the Internet. IPTV is responsible for transmitting the entire signal via the broadband router.
m3u: is a file that stores all channel lists